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Download Xenos Injector
1.) Go to to register and redeem key ( Select your region correctly )

⚠️ Registered Region and Bought Region Key must Match ⚠️

? To use your key, go to [ Use License Key ]

2.) ✅ Disable any Anti-Virus software including Windows Defender.

3.) Download Exodus DLL from (click on cloud icon)

4.) Download Xenos Injector ( CLICK HERE )

5.) Make sure you have WinRAR or 7zip installed to unzip the file. Unzip the file. Open Xenos64.exe injector and Add the downloaded ExodusRDR2Lite.DLL to it.

6.) Start Red Dead Redemption 2.

7.) When RDR2 Main menu Loaded (Where you choose story or Freeroam online), From Xenos64 Injector choose RDR2.exe in Process and Click Inject button. See below screenshot for example.

8.) For first time Run, you will need to put login info ( Exodus Email and Password) in Credentials.json. Edit with notepad and save it. Check below screenshot format.

How to Find Credential File Location:

Press Windows Key + R, type %AppData% and Enter, Folder name “Exodus Client”, find the file name “Credentials.json” ( Edit with Notepad )

9.) Inject again, Wait for awhile until menu loaded, Use F3 to open and close menu.

More Detail Guide and common issue:

Exodus Discord
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