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Read the WHOLE guide! Not just Upgrade part, to prevent losing your premium status!


  • The Spotify Account must not in any family member within 12 months.
  • Create new Spotify Account if you are not sure.
  • The country of Spotify Account must match the choosen country in Upgrader Web.
  • Find below migration Link if you need Spotify Data like playlists, liked music to be exported to new Account.
  1. Go to  to upgrade account.
  2. Fill in your Username and Password of Spotify and upgrade KEY
  3. Choose Country that your spotify account registered.
  4. If your country is not listed in the drop-down list, follow this step ( Skip this if your country is listed )
    a) Login your spotify account in browserb) Use VPN to connect listed country, example: Mexicob) Go to account setting and Edit Profile and change country matched to connected VPN country.
  5. Click Upgrade, It might take 15 minutes to 1 hour for upgrade to finish.
  6. You can check your status of upgrade at . Enter your KEY to check status

Tips and Suggestion for Account last longer! 

How long you stay in premium is always depend on how soon the Family Leader notice you! So follow below suggestion if you want to Stay premium longer!

⁉️ You need to make sure the family leader will not notice you are there in Family group, disguise yourself as existing family member name or confuse them
⁉️ Change your Spotify Display Name to Eg. Spotify Connect, Spotify Service, Spotify Kids ( )
⁉️ Change your Spotify profile picture to the Spotify logo

Account no longer premium or Account has been Kicked out from Family Plan?

  1. Create new Spotify Account ( Spotify Account have not join family invite for 12 months )
  2. Click HERE to replace the upgrade KEY.
  3. Enter Spotify Account login that used your upgrade KEY, ( Must login with account that used the old upgrade key before )
  4. The system will check if the account that used the Key no longer have premium then Key will be renew.
  5. If new KEY provided then as usual go to to upgrade same above procedure again.

How to import playlists, tracks, liked songs, albums & artists from Old Account?

Use below tools to migrate the spotify playlists and data.



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