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ScriptHook Files

🔽 ScriptHook Files is Optional Download Only, if you want to use Scripthook with Rampage Menu

📺 Video Tutorial How to Setup (Auto Inject) :

📺 Manual Inject Guide (Only use if Auto Inject Fail) :

Note: If your license key ( Day/Week Key) has expired go to C: > Users > “YourName” > Documents > South folder in your PC and edit auth.south file with Notepad. Replace old key with New Key and save it. Please check in Video guide if you are not sure about auth.south file location.

How to Setup Guide

  • Disable antivirus and window defender
  • Download Launcher Using Above Button
  • Start RDR2 ,wait for until main menu of Red Dead
  • Open South Launcher as Admin and copy paste Key (If Launcher does not ask for Key or have Error, make sure you have write the Key in DocumentsSouthauth.south file)
  • Wait until the load complete and Go to Online (free roam), F4 to Open Menu
  • Watch Video Guide:

Error Note: If you saw Error “New Version Available” mean you need to redownload new Loader again using above button.

Key Issue, Open Ticket in My Discord >>:

South Discord

[ !! Verify is for only Lifetime user Only, DO NOT open ticket to verify if you have purchase Day/Week Key !! ]