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How to set up North
Signing up/Downloading

  1. Create a North account. You can do this by going to, once you’re there, input your email then press continue. After you’ve pressed continue, you will receive a verification email from [email protected]. Go into this email and click “Sign In“, it should redirect you to the dashboard.NOTE: Login Email from North usually go to spam mailbox or Junk mail. Make sure you have check those mailbox!
  2. Go to the GTAV tab on the left side of your screen, put your license key in the box labeled “License”, then press the button below the box labeled “Redeem”.
  3. Turn off your anti-virus software, then click the download button in the top left of the dashboard. If you’d like to turn your anti-virus back on, make sure to set an exclusion to the launcher before doing so.


  1. Open the launcher. It’s labeled as “North.exe”.
  2. You will get 2 sign-in options. The first one requires your auth code, and the second one will simply open the to verify you have an account with a valid license. Both options are very simple to use, so I won’t explain them here.
  3. Once you’re signed in, the launcher will show your active subscriptions and whether or not they’re online. For GTAV, go into the launcher, press 1 then hit enter.
  4. It should now say “Waiting for GTA5.exe to load…”, you should now open GTA5.

Open key: F4
Navigation: Mouse

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